Samsung Frame TV

Samsung’s “The Frame” Television

Connections Plus DFW - Samsung The Frame TelevisionPlacing a television in a formal living room is an interior decorator’s worst nightmare. That big, black rectangle overshadows any motif and screams “look at me” to your guests, but not in a good way.

Want an elegant room where you can practice the ancient art of conversation? Then hide the TV. Connections Plus has been making their client’s TVs virtually disappear for years. Samsung just made that task a whole lot easier with a television that vanishes when you’re not using it!

Samsung’s “The Frame: The most beautiful TV you’ve never seen.”

Designed in a collaboration with industrial designer Yves Behar, The Frame disguises itself against your wall as a picture frame so well that it just received the CES 2017 Best of Innovations Award.

Connections Plus DFW - Samsung The Frame TV on wallForbes magazine calls Samsung’s The Frame “The Clever New Near-Invisible TV.” Forbes contributor, David Phelan is quoted as saying “It really is convincing. In fact, the only way I knew whether I was looking at a picture or “The Frame ” was that the regular pictures showed up reflections of the lights falling on them and the Frame didn’t!”

Currently, The Frame comes with about a hundred works of art, but also allows you to add your own photos through the USB port or Samsung’s Smart View app. Samsung is working with museums and curators to add to even more pieces to their “art collection.” Eventually, there will be more than 300 additional works for you to display in your home when you’re not actually watching TV on your Frame.

Watch the 30 second introduction video of The Frame:

The Frame television can also turn off and go into Art Mode on its own by way of a built-in motion sensor that lets the TV know when people enter and leave the room. The Frame also comes equipped with an ambient-light sensor that changes the picture’s color temperature and brightness automatically.

Connections Plus guru, Howie Foreman has been a driving force in the AV industry for twenty years, so when he’s this excited about a new product, it must be outstanding. Let’s just say, Howie’s over the moon about The Frame and he’d love to tell you the details! 972-524-6225Connections Plus Audio Video flourish2


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