Connections +

Connections Plus was founded in 1992 by Stanford University graduate, Howie Foreman. After earning a degree in music education, Foreman began his career selling musical equipment. He actually moved into the technical world of audio and video equipment  from the prospective of how it affected the music.

While watching the drastic evolution of the  A/V industry over the years, Howie Foreman noted that the emphasis was always placed on cutting edge sound and video components instead of connectivity. Howie was able to exploit that void in the industry and turn it into a thriving installation business. That’s exactly how Connections Plus came to be.


Family-owned & Operated

In 1996, Howie brought his son into the business. Aaron Foreman literally grew up in the  A/V industry, so when he left Southern Methodist University, joining Connections Plus seemed an obvious career path.  The move turned out to be a perfect fit and today,  Aaron is indispensable to the success of Connections Plus.

In 2006, Howie Foreman’s son-in-law, Clyde Neal came on board and is now an integral part of Connections Plus. Together, our team has come to be known for providing our customers with personal attention unparalleled in the industry.


Company Philosophy

Our goal has never been simply to sell the latest gadget. The mission at Connections Plus was birthed from the desire to make our customers really happy by exceeding their expectations of our technicians and of their audio-video experience.

It’s all about the perfect convergence of sight and sound, so we pride ourselves in being good listeners and seeing the big picture. We listen to our clients, hear their needs and tap into their vision.  Our job is to customize an entertainment system specifically for the people listening to each performance. Whether the installation is in their home or at their office, our goal is for the client to be blown away by their audio video system and by our dedication to the quality of their experience.

Finally, we believe that your entertainment system is just as important as that of Carnegie Hall. We also believe that our clients deserve the best service humanly possible for the very best price available. 

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