Video Walls

Thinking of a video wall for your business?
What is a video wall? A video wall is an array of high quality commercial or professional grade monitor screens placed together to create a larger screen. Video walls come in many different sizes, applications, configurations and varieties including LCD, LED, blended projection screens, rear projection screens (DLP), mosaic tiles and direct view LED panels just to name a few.

Video walls are usually made from large size screens with narrow or ultra-thin bezels. The smaller the bezel, the more the video wall will portray a seamless image. Video walls are typically constructed of commercial grade materials, meaning they can be operated in work environments up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have longer life spans than traditional consumer displays.

Video walls may appear to be as simple as an oversized TV but there are many factors that play into the overall cost of a video wall. Monitor size, type, weight, screen resolution, dot pitch, and information to be processed and displayed all play a key role in the cost of a video wall. Knowing your budget before you begin your research will aid you in quickly defining what type of video wall is right for you, how much sophistication and complexity you can afford and what functions and features are most important to you.

Where to place your video wall
Now that you’ve determined how much money you have to spend on your video wall you will need a place to put it. The Installation of your video wall is an important consideration for numerous reasons. As they say in commercial real estate, “location, location, location”. The same applies for the installation of video walls. It’s important to maximize visual impact and ROI on your video wall and that means placing it in a “high traffic” area, or for interactive walls, at the right height for your customers. This location may be your lobby, an informational kiosk, a retail outlet, conference room or command and control center. How large does the wall need to be, how far off the floor does it need to stand, from how far away do you need people to be able see and read it? These are important questions that help determine what type of wall is right for you and where to install it.

Video Wall Content
Content is your message.
Your message is your purpose.
Your purpose is what you want your video wall to convey.
Is your purpose to assist and inform the public using mapping or way-finding? Is your purpose to entice or motivate shoppers such as taking advantage of a current sale? Is your purpose to influence and create emotion with content such as moving art, photography or imagery? Identifying your purpose up front will help you define your message which will aid you in determining your content, how it is to be conveyed, and how to go about creating it.

If you are thinking of adding a video wall to your business we can help you get to the right solution for your project. Call me Howie Foreman, owner of Connections Plus Custom Audio Video. 972-524-6225. 

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