Connections+ Puts a Ring of Security Around Your Home

Connections Plus - Ring Doorbell Home Security System

Howie and Aaron Foreman, owners of Connection Plus, believe that preventing a break in at your house is better than sounding the alarm after the burglary is in progress.

Eighty percent of break ins start or stop at the front door. Criminals prefer to break into an empty house than one that is occupied, so knocking at the door with some ruse lets them know if someone’s inside. The problem is, you can’t stay at home all the time, or can you?

Ring Doorbells certainly make it appear that someone is always home at your house because they allow you to speak to whoever rings your bell, even if you’re actually on the other side of town. Ring Video Bell even lets you see whoever is on your front porch. Videos made by Ring customers show that many burglars aware of these devices will flee the scene before attempting to break in through the front door.

Connections Plus - Answer Ring Doorbell at the BeachAnswering the door” from anywhere with the Ring video doorbell, makes guests or potential intruders believe you’re home and that you see them. Ring’s HD camera is fitted with night vision to provide a clear view of the front door around the clock. Ring’s motion detection alerts are sent to your phone via the Ring app, alerting you of guests and deliveries. With the Ring doorbell, you’re “always home” and aware of what’s happening at your front door.

If you add Ring’s Stick Up Cams in conjunction with the Ring Video Doorbell, you get a full ring of security around your entire home. It picks up motion on your property and alerts you on your phone no matter where you are. It’s weather resistant and wire-free. Just like with the Ring doorbell, you have full control over motion detection zone sensitivity. It has two way audio to communicate with visitors and possible intruders from anywhere. All videos can be saved and shared via the cloud video service.

The Stick Up Cam allows you to keep an eye and ear on all activity surrounding your entire home. You can monitor arriving guests, check when kids get home from school or spot anyone snooping around your property day or night.

Connections Plus can show you how the best home security smart devices on the market, how they work, and how they prevent crime before it happens. They can literally place a ring of protection around your home with the Ring System.Connections Plus Audio Video flourish2

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