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Roll Up LG TV & Waterfall

Custom Audio Video - LG OLED Roll Up Television

LG Electronics is bringing to market LG Display’s 65-inch rollable TV that they unveiled at CES to market as their flagship 4K OLED TV for 2019.

Is it any wonder Howie Foreman of ConnectionsPlus Audio Video is continuously singing the praises of  LG TVs? The Signature OLED TV R that you will be able to buy sometime this Spring has a refined the base station and a 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker for powerful built-in audio.

Words nor a still photo can begin to explain how ground-breakingly, amazing this TV design it so watch LG’s demonstration of their television waterfall followed by the only TV in the world to roll itself up and put itself back in the box when you’ve finished watching it!

Here’s the very last word on LG’s “Roll Up” television . . . AMAZING!

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Nest home security – meet the Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

Connections Plus - Howie Foreman - Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

Probably you associate nest most with the break through  learning thermostat; which by the way has had some significant updates in function since it’s introduction in 2011, but maybe you missed the fact that Nest now includes a wide range of other products for the smart home. One of them is the Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera which Nest bill as “Knows What to Look for in the Home, Tells You What’s Important. Its a Powerful, Intelligent Indoor Security Camera which Joins our Lineup of Top-Rated, Award-Winning Nest Indoor and Outdoor Cameras”.

The Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera, offering best-in-class imaging and intelligent features to serve up the most important, actionable information – like knowing your child arrived home safely, or that there’s a stranger in your home – so you can spend more time living your life, and less time managing your security.

Instead of just showing you what’s happening, Nest Cam IQ is smart enough to differentiate between a person and your cat and can alert you accordingly – with no subscription required. When it detects a person, it can send a person alert to your phone and will automatically zoom in on and track the person in the frame so you can get better information about who they are and what they’re doing. And with a Nest Aware subscription, you can even get personalized alerts based on who is in the house (e.g. the name of a family member, the dog sitter or a stranger).

“When designing Nest Cam IQ, we focused on what we’ve learned from our customers, which is that people don’t want more information, they want insights,” said Matt Rogers, Nest co-founder and chief product officer. “So we combined intelligence with excellent image and sound quality to deliver the insights customers need, at the right time. These insights can range from telling you the kids are home from school to sending an alert if an unfamiliar person is in the living room.”

The Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera has a strong foundation of hardware and software:

• High-Quality Video. — A unique combination of premium hardware, advanced software, and a great app experience. Nest Cam IQ uses a 4K image sensor (8 Megapixels), 12x digital zoom and enhance, and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging to make sure you won’t miss key details. With two powerful 940 nm infrared LEDs, Night Vision evenly illuminates the scene, even when it’s dark – and without a red glow.

• HD Talk + Listen Audio. — Nest Cam IQ’s speakers are 7x more powerful than the original Nest Cam and an advanced three-microphone array also delivers noise suppression and echo cancellation for a clearer audio.

• Thoughtful Design. — Nest Cam IQ features a clean white polycarbonate design with a patented swivel mount for flexibility of placement and quick, simple setup.

• Built-in Security. — Nest Cam IQ encrypts your video on-device before streaming and storing video content, using 128-bit AES with TLS/SSL secure connection. With two-step verification, you can select an optional extra layer of security for your Nest account, and with automatic over-the-air updates, your camera can be automatically updated against the latest threats.

And that is just a beginning; with personal alerts and “Supersight” providing both a detailed image of the “intruder” with a wide field of view of the room; and it can check faces against family to indentify strangers in your home and send the alert as well as providing things like audio information which is off camera. This camera is phenominal. Check out this man’s story on the Nest Labs website.

Brad says “The man broke into my house at 1:47 pm. I was able to witness the police entering my apartment and they had the man in custody by 2:17 pm. When I bought the Nest Cam, my fiancée told me it was a waste of money and I was being overly protective for no reason. After what happened, she fully understands why I bought the camera”.

Call Howie Foreman on 972-524-6225 – he will help you choose the best products for your home security.

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Why I Believe in LG Televisions


Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - LG Televisions

From time to time, I’m asked why it is that I so enthusiastically endorse LG TVs, so I thought this would be a good time to lay out some of the reasons I do that.

I think it’s important that the company that makes your TV can demonstrate a solid track record of longevity in business. You need the reassurance that there’s a high likelihood they’ll continue to be in business for a long time. After all, your television’s warranty is only as good as the company behind it. No one wants to invest the latest, greatest and biggest TV without the confidence that the manufacturer will be around to take care of any problems they may have in the future.

Buy LG Televisions from Connections Plus in DFWLG is a strong company with a long, distinguished past that started way back in 1958 as Goldstar. Notably the company now employs 82,000 people in a 119 subsidiaries worldwide and, in 2014, LG global sales were $55.91 Billion. This is a strong company with many n0table achievements involved in pretty much all areas of home electronics and appliances. By the way, if you are wondering if LG manufactures in the USA I have good news there. Rapid growth by globalization saw the company establish its US production facility in 1982. In 1984, the company adopted the name LG Electronics and, in 1985, acquired the US television manufacturer, Zenith.

LG has many accolades in the TV arena, one of which is developing the first 60″ plasma TV in 1998. It’s my belief that LG provides excellent products in all throughout it’s television line up.

Deliver smoother, cleaner pictures in a streamlined, slim design. These energy efficient TV uses LED back lighting to deliver a brighter and more vivid picture.

Designed to give lifelike color and richer imagery, discover a display that can be viewed clearly from virtually any angle.

Offers incredible detail with LG’s ultra-high definition resolution, double that of full HD TVs. You will feel immersed in the action with an OLED 4K TV from LG.

Smart TV
LG’s line of smart TVs let you do it all. From movies and music to games, videos and so much more, LG smart TVs feature everything you want, all in one place.

LG’s 2D-to-3D conversion feature lets you turn virtually any TV show, movie or sporting event into a total 3D experience.

I know that making the choice of the best TV for your particular needs can be a bewildering process. Call me and let me help you. I can compare and contrast my three preferred television manufacturers, LG, Samsung and Sony for you. I’ll be happy to help you make the choice uniquely right for you.  Howie Foreman, owner of Connections Plus  972-524-6225 

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Mood. It’s Your House

Twenty plus years of audio video experience enables the custom installers at Connections Plus to integrate the newest technology with your favorite existing components. Whether you simply want to connect your current sound system to your flat screen TV or yearn to integrate your music, lighting, security and HVAC systems, our technicians can pull it all together for you.

If you have thought of the possibilities of streaming all your favorite music to any room, or every room, and how to control your music with one simple app to fill your home with pure, immersive sound then you should take a look at Sonos. Sonos offers a variety of speakers in different shapes and sizes for any or every room of your home.

Not only that, Sonos now integrates with third-party home automation systems that make your choices virtually limitless! Of course, smart-home systems have integrated with Sonos for ten years or more, but now certain sanctioned partners have the great support that Sonos provides for its own products.

Change Sound, Lighting and Temperature on a Whim

Change the Mood - Connections Custom Audio Video Lighting

Take the integration of Lutron and Sonos. A fabulous seam free integration which gives gives consumers direct, one-touch control of any Sonos speaker alongside lights, shades and temperature, when used with Lutron’s Caséta Wireless, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks QS smart home systems. Play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume, in exactly the same way that you control lights and shades from your nightstand or from the wall. Lutron has developed a new Pico Remote Control for Audio just for this purpose which puts audio and lighting control in the palm of your hand.

Design Your Perfect Morning - Connections Plus Custom Audio Video

Design Your Own Mornings

There are several benefits when integrating a RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS system, with Lutron Connect, with a Sonos system. Sonos speakers can be added to any single action scene button on an in-wall, tabletop keypad, or Lutron Connect app keypad. For example, music could be layered in with the lights, shades, and temperature control of the Morning scene, setting the perfect atmosphere for waking up in the morning and getting ready for the day.

You Theme Song Could Announce Your Arrival Home

Coming Home to Your Theme Song - Connections Plus Custom Audio VideoSonos could also be included into the “arriving/leaving home” feature to automatically start playing music upon your arrival home while pausing them when you leave. Also, you can use the new Pico remote for audio to control your Sonos speakers from anywhere in your home. Imagine arriving home to Hail to the Chief or God Save the Queen!

“Music sounds better when the lights are just right,” says Michael Smith, Lutron vice-president of sales. “Imagine settling into the couch with a glass of wine and you can adjust the lights and music right from the Pico remotes on your coffee table. Or as you pull into your driveway, the entry lights automatically turn on and your Sonos Home Sound System starts playing to welcome you through the front door. Music lovers will truly appreciate how easy it is to sync your music and lights and get immersed in the experience.”

Lutron’s “geofencing” feature allows you to schedule immersive sound and lighting scenes to begin even before you get out of your car. Kind of gets the house in the mood before you arrive home!

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Bringing Your Old Stereo System Back to the Future


Connections Plus Texas - Sonos Connect

Love your old stereo, but yearn for new streaming technology? There’s nothing to feel guilty about and really no need to throw the old darling away just to tap into streaming content.

Twenty plus years of audio video experience enables Howie Foreman and his custom installers at Connections Plus to integrate the newest technology with your favorite existing components. One little trick of his is to use Sonos CONNECT to turn your favorite amplified audio equipment into a streaming machine. That means you get to keep the stereo you love AND play even more music with it.

CONNECT streams the music you love with no loss of fidelity at full CD-quality bandwidth. Then, you can simply adjust the sound to get the bass, treble, balance and volume set just the way you like it. Howie can even set it up so that you can control the volume using the Sonos smart phone app.

Whether you simply want to connect your current sound system to stream music or yearn to integrate your music, lighting, security and HVAC systems, Connections Plus Custom Audio Video can pull it all together for you.

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Connections Plus Company Philosophy


Connections Plus Texas - Company philosophy

Our goal has never been simply to sell the latest gadget. The mission at Connections Plus was birthed from the desire to make our customers really happy by exceeding their expectations of our technicians and of their audio-video experience.

It’s all about the perfect convergence of sight and sound, so we pride ourselves in being good listeners and seeing the big picture. We listen to our clients, hear their needs and tap into their vision. Our job is to customize an entertainment system specifically for the people listening to each performance. Whether the installation is in their home or at their office, our goal is for the client to be blown away by their audio video system and by our dedication to the quality of their experience.

Finally, we believe that your entertainment system is just as important as that of Carnegie Hall. We also believe that our clients deserve the best service humanly possible for the very best price available.

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Sony Bravia® OLED TVs – A Treat for the Eyes‎

Connections Plus Texas - Sony Bravia OLED

A treat for the eyes is how Sony describe its Bravia OLED TV. Others use even more superlatives such as “This could be the best OLED TV money can buy” By Jon L. Jacobi, Freelance contributor, TechHive. Another says “the Sony XBR-A1E outperforms every other TV we’ve tested. It delivers perfect black levels, wide viewing angles, accurate color and a great bright-room picture. Its unique standless design is almost all picture when seen from the front.” and the praise goes on.

What are they talking about?

Well first of all it’s OLED, organic light-emitting diode. Everyone who sees OLED TVs will tell you that they produce the best picture quality you there is. It’s all because the black on this screen is absolutely black because there is no back light at all. Consequently, all the colors seem so much brighter compared to other TV screens where the black is not really black, but some kind of really dark gray. Couple that with Sony’s electronics wizardry and they have produced a marvel. OLED TV’s once got a bad rap for being challenged when rendering fine details, but not so with the A1E.

Connections Plus Texas - Sony Bravia OLED

The Sony XBR-A1E is a very thin TV and Sony have pulled out all the stops to come up with a pretty unique way of supporting the screen in its viewing position. This TV has a hidden kickstand that houses all the electronics and connection ports, power supply, sub-woofer etc. This is definitely not the usual little legs or kickstand shipped with other TV’s. In fact, I’ve heard it described as a big-ass kickstand! A locking hinge joins the kickstand to the panel and a weight inside its base keeps the television from falling over. It’s radical, beautiful and practical.

State of the Art

The A1E features four HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 ports, one USB port on the side and two in back USB ports, an Ethernet port, an ATSC tuner, and integrated 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 adapters. It’s state-of-the-art all the way!

Smart TV

Sony runs Google’s smart TV system which is their secret weapon as it beats everyone else in the most important area; app coverage.

Now to Blow your Mind

As if all this wasn’t cutting-edge enough, Sony added little transducers onto the back of the panel and turned the screen itself into the speakers! This is a freaking first for any television anywhere. Sony calls this technology Accoustic Surface and coupled with the sub-woofer in the stand, the sound quality even blows Howie Foreman’s mind and he’s been THE speaker guru for decades! He swears you can’t see the sound vibrations at all. This is so cool!

The manufacture says to “make sure you have a friend there when you unpack the XBR-A1E.” Why don’t you just call Howie at Connections Plus AV before you even buy the Sony XBR-A1E. He’ll make sure you get the best deal possible on the TV AND he’ll bring his own tech friend to help unpack it 😉

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Bose Home Speaker 500

Connections Plus Texas - Wylie, Rockwall, Plano, Garland - Howie Foreman

Bose has long made its name as the go-to brand for those who want great looks, solid sound, and ease of use when playing their favorite tunes at home or on the go. Recently, the company stepped even further into the forefront of home audio, offering a first for the brand in a new smart speaker to add to the ever-expanding genre. In addition, the company has two new smart soundbars, aiming to turn some heads and take some attention away from multiroom wireless company Sonos and its new Beam soundbar.

Each new option from the company is fully voice-controllable, featuring Amazon Alexa integration from the get-go, and according to Bose, other voice assistants to follow with software updates down the line (read Google Assistant). In addition, Bose says that Airplay 2 integration will be added in early 2019 to go along with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in.

Bose is calling its new smart speaker the Home Speaker 500. A small device that looks strikingly similar to the litany of oval pods in the market from Sonos and others, the Home Speaker 500 differs from many competitors in that it offers a screen on the front that displays what’s currently playing. We can expect that in the future the display will do more than just that, but Bose is keeping that to itself for now.

Wall-to-wall stereo sound from a single speaker

The speaker is also a stereo device, which should make music playback more lifelike than the mono sound of most competitors. Inside the Bose Home Speaker 500, two custom drivers point in opposite directions to bounce sound off the walls. The result? A sound-stage wider than any other smart speaker, powerful enough to fill any room with an astonishing stereo performance.

“Voice-controlled speakers aren’t new, and there are plenty of great options to choose from. But we had a different vision for ours, inspired by what we could uniquely do to make the experience better,” said Bose consumer electronics division manager Doug Cunningham in a press release. “All of our new smart speakers double up on functionality. It takes just one Home Speaker 500 to deliver true stereo separation — there’s no need to pair two.”









If you want to stream online content, Howie at ConnectionsPlus can easily set that up for you. Call Howie on 972-524-6225. 

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Connections Plus Texas - Howie Foreman - Onkyo TX-NR787 9.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

When you first see this you might think you are dreaming! A THX certified select 9.2 receiver with all the latest 4K video technology, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X for under $1,000. Pinch yourself the new TX-NR787 is on sale for under $700?

A 100 W/Ch (8 ohms, 20 Hz–20 kHz, 0.08% THD, 2 channels driven, FTC) or 220 W/ch (6 ohms, 1 kHz, THD 10%, 1-channel driven) A/V receiver, the TX-NR787 is engineered for enthusiasts seeking seamless top-to-bottom, front-to-back, and side-to-side coverage through 5.2.4 or 7.2.2-channel speaker layouts for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtrack immersion, or for music fans wanting a 5.2 or 7.2-channel home theater with app-controllable powered digital*1 and analog audio distribution to stereo speakers located in up to two additional zones.

Dynamic Audio Amplification featuring discrete non-phase-shift amps is proven by THX Certified Select for theater-reference volume within strict THX sound-quality parameters. Certification comes after thousands of independent bench-tests covering every aspect of product design.

As well as decoding DTS:X® and Dolby Atmos® formats, the receiver features Dolby Surround and DTS® Neural:X™ up-mixing technologies. Both cross-compatible solutions work with legacy Dolby® and DTS® soundtracks, enabling 3D reproduction through any speaker layout, including those with height channels, from sources such as DVD, Blu-ray Disc™, and selected video streaming services.

The TX-NR787 has universal pass-through support for 4K HDR video formats, including HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), HDR10, and Dolby Vision™, as well as BT.2020 color space, 4:4:4 color sub-sampling, 24-bit video, 4K/60p video, and HDCP 2.2 via six rear HDMI® inputs, Main Out, and Sub Out. A front HDMI terminal*2 is intended for temporary device connections, and the Sub Out*3 for a projector. Enjoy state-of-the-art movie formats on Ultra HD Blu-ray™ and selected video streaming services from external media players with truly spectacular sound and vision.

With the unit, Onkyo’s introduces AccuEQ Advance, a new premium multi-point room-acoustic calibration system that eliminates standing waves (dead areas where sound-wave peaks don’t move spatially, and compromise reproduction quality when sounds of the same frequency interact). Users can place the setup mic in three positions to assure optimal imaging across an expansive soundstage following an easy automated calibration process. AccuEQ Advance is enhanced by AccuReflex™ technology, which aligns the phase of directional and non-directional sounds for cohesive, comfortable, and well-organized object-based audio reproduction through Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker systems.

As well as analog audio distribution, powered ZONE 2 and powered ZONE 3 speaker outputs are serviced by dedicated DACs to share all digital input sources*1 for simultaneous playback of single or unique sources in any or all rooms. Zone 2 line-output can share the multitude of content*1 available to the receiver to a hi-fi system featuring a line-level input.

With 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® connectivity and support for a variety of network audio distribution platforms, the TX-NR787 can fit in with compatible network speakers and audio systems of almost any brand, allowing users to structure an intuitive multi-room music ecosystem to suit their needs.

These platforms include DTS Play-Fi® technology, which distributes audio to grouped speakers via Onkyo Music Control App*4; FlareConnect™*5 for analog/digital source distribution, including phono; and Chromecast built-in, an easy-to-use casting technology for supported unique or grouped audio systems from Chromecast-enabled apps for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phones and tablets, Mac®, Windows PC, and Chromebook™. Chromecast built-in works with the Google Assistant, and users can cue and control streaming audio by voice.

AirPlay® is included, while Bluetooth® wireless technology expands easy steaming capabilities from a broad range of phones, tablets, and personal computers. Amazon Music, TIDAL, TuneIn, Deezer, Pandora®, and Spotify are built into the receiver*6 for easy selection via the Onkyo Controller*4 or Onkyo Music Control*4 App.

Wow, Call Howie on 972-524-6225 while the introductory special is still available.

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Video Walls

Thinking of a video wall for your business?
What is a video wall? A video wall is an array of high quality commercial or professional grade monitor screens placed together to create a larger screen. Video walls come in many different sizes, applications, configurations and varieties including LCD, LED, blended projection screens, rear projection screens (DLP), mosaic tiles and direct view LED panels just to name a few.

Video walls are usually made from large size screens with narrow or ultra-thin bezels. The smaller the bezel, the more the video wall will portray a seamless image. Video walls are typically constructed of commercial grade materials, meaning they can be operated in work environments up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have longer life spans than traditional consumer displays.

Video walls may appear to be as simple as an oversized TV but there are many factors that play into the overall cost of a video wall. Monitor size, type, weight, screen resolution, dot pitch, and information to be processed and displayed all play a key role in the cost of a video wall. Knowing your budget before you begin your research will aid you in quickly defining what type of video wall is right for you, how much sophistication and complexity you can afford and what functions and features are most important to you.

Where to place your video wall
Now that you’ve determined how much money you have to spend on your video wall you will need a place to put it. The Installation of your video wall is an important consideration for numerous reasons. As they say in commercial real estate, “location, location, location”. The same applies for the installation of video walls. It’s important to maximize visual impact and ROI on your video wall and that means placing it in a “high traffic” area, or for interactive walls, at the right height for your customers. This location may be your lobby, an informational kiosk, a retail outlet, conference room or command and control center. How large does the wall need to be, how far off the floor does it need to stand, from how far away do you need people to be able see and read it? These are important questions that help determine what type of wall is right for you and where to install it.

Video Wall Content
Content is your message.
Your message is your purpose.
Your purpose is what you want your video wall to convey.
Is your purpose to assist and inform the public using mapping or way-finding? Is your purpose to entice or motivate shoppers such as taking advantage of a current sale? Is your purpose to influence and create emotion with content such as moving art, photography or imagery? Identifying your purpose up front will help you define your message which will aid you in determining your content, how it is to be conveyed, and how to go about creating it.

If you are thinking of adding a video wall to your business we can help you get to the right solution for your project. Call me Howie Foreman, owner of Connections Plus Custom Audio Video. 972-524-6225. 

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Samsung’s “The Frame” Television

Connections Plus DFW - Samsung The Frame TelevisionPlacing a television in a formal living room is an interior decorator’s worst nightmare. That big, black rectangle overshadows any motif and screams “look at me” to your guests, but not in a good way.

Want an elegant room where you can practice the ancient art of conversation? Then hide the TV. Connections Plus has been making their client’s TVs virtually disappear for years. Samsung just made that task a whole lot easier with a television that vanishes when you’re not using it!

Samsung’s “The Frame: The most beautiful TV you’ve never seen.”

Designed in a collaboration with industrial designer Yves Behar, The Frame disguises itself against your wall as a picture frame so well that it just received the CES 2017 Best of Innovations Award.

Connections Plus DFW - Samsung The Frame TV on wallForbes magazine calls Samsung’s The Frame “The Clever New Near-Invisible TV.” Forbes contributor, David Phelan is quoted as saying “It really is convincing. In fact, the only way I knew whether I was looking at a picture or “The Frame ” was that the regular pictures showed up reflections of the lights falling on them and the Frame didn’t!”

Currently, The Frame comes with about a hundred works of art, but also allows you to add your own photos through the USB port or Samsung’s Smart View app. Samsung is working with museums and curators to add to even more pieces to their “art collection.” Eventually, there will be more than 300 additional works for you to display in your home when you’re not actually watching TV on your Frame.

Watch the 30 second introduction video of The Frame:

The Frame television can also turn off and go into Art Mode on its own by way of a built-in motion sensor that lets the TV know when people enter and leave the room. The Frame also comes equipped with an ambient-light sensor that changes the picture’s color temperature and brightness automatically.

Connections Plus guru, Howie Foreman has been a driving force in the AV industry for twenty years, so when he’s this excited about a new product, it must be outstanding. Let’s just say, Howie’s over the moon about The Frame and he’d love to tell you the details! 972-524-6225Connections Plus Audio Video flourish2


Connections+ Puts a Ring of Security Around Your Home

Connections Plus - Ring Doorbell Home Security System

Howie and Aaron Foreman, owners of Connection Plus, believe that preventing a break in at your house is better than sounding the alarm after the burglary is in progress.

Eighty percent of break ins start or stop at the front door. Criminals prefer to break into an empty house than one that is occupied, so knocking at the door with some ruse lets them know if someone’s inside. The problem is, you can’t stay at home all the time, or can you?

Ring Doorbells certainly make it appear that someone is always home at your house because they allow you to speak to whoever rings your bell, even if you’re actually on the other side of town. Ring Video Bell even lets you see whoever is on your front porch. Videos made by Ring customers show that many burglars aware of these devices will flee the scene before attempting to break in through the front door.

Connections Plus - Answer Ring Doorbell at the BeachAnswering the door” from anywhere with the Ring video doorbell, makes guests or potential intruders believe you’re home and that you see them. Ring’s HD camera is fitted with night vision to provide a clear view of the front door around the clock. Ring’s motion detection alerts are sent to your phone via the Ring app, alerting you of guests and deliveries. With the Ring doorbell, you’re “always home” and aware of what’s happening at your front door.

If you add Ring’s Stick Up Cams in conjunction with the Ring Video Doorbell, you get a full ring of security around your entire home. It picks up motion on your property and alerts you on your phone no matter where you are. It’s weather resistant and wire-free. Just like with the Ring doorbell, you have full control over motion detection zone sensitivity. It has two way audio to communicate with visitors and possible intruders from anywhere. All videos can be saved and shared via the cloud video service.

The Stick Up Cam allows you to keep an eye and ear on all activity surrounding your entire home. You can monitor arriving guests, check when kids get home from school or spot anyone snooping around your property day or night.

Connections Plus can show you how the best home security smart devices on the market, how they work, and how they prevent crime before it happens. They can literally place a ring of protection around your home with the Ring System.Connections Plus Audio Video flourish2

The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #12

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - Omnicharge Omni 20 Power Charger with AC/DC Outlet

The 12th AV Gift of Christmas that is sure to be a hit with the frequent traveler on your list is the Omnicharge Omni 20.

It’s a battery pack that can recharge multiple devices at once and packs a lot into its small 5 x 5 x 1 inch size weighing in at just over 1 pound. The Omni 20 is perfect for travel and can recharge a smartphone up to nine times, recharge a tablet as much as eight times, or fully charge a laptop. There’s even a standard three-prong power port and plenty of laptop adapters in the box.

The lucky guy or gal on your list to receive the Omni 20 will love its small OLED display that shows how much juice is left and appreciate that it recharges quicker than most power packs this size.

It’s definitely worth the heft when you’re sitting at the crowded airport gate during a long, unexpected flight delay. In fact, the scenarios of needing a charge when you’re without a power outlet for a few hours are endless and infuriating!

Omnicharge Omni 20 is the only power charger with an AC/DC outlet. Howie says this could be the only charging bank your friend or family member will ever need.

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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #11

ConnectionsPlus Custom Audio Video - Mini Stereo System

Howie Foreman’s 110th AV Gift of Christmas is the ONKYO Colibrino CD Hi-Fi Mini System with Bluetooth.

The Onkyo CS-265 takes the traditional mini stereo system and brings it up to date by adding both Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The Colibrino CD HiFi Mini System brings big, brilliant sound to small spaces. The word Onkyo translates as “sound harmony.”

This powerful Mini Stereo System offers a quality front-loading CD player that handles regular audio CD and both MP3- and WAV-encoded discs, while iOS mobile users are treated to an ultra-clear USB connection.

Wirelessly Stream from Mobile and PC. Clean and Clear USB Connection for iPod®/iPhone®/iPad®. Super Bass Function. Quiet and Smooth Front-Loading CD Player. FM/AM Tuner with 30-Station Presets.

Call Connections Plus to get a whole lot of great Stereo Hi-Fi in a small package for an even smaller price!

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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #10

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - SoundWear Companion Speaker by Bose

Howie Foreman’s 10th AV Gift of Christmas is the SoundWear Companion Speaker by Bose.

This wearable speaker offers convenience and connection in a way that allows you to be totally into your music as well as completely aware of your surroundings. It rests comfortably on your shoulders and delivers sound that is full and clear to you, without bothering anyone around you.

Though sleek and low profile, this wearable wasn’t designed with fashion in mind. Every part of this speaker is meticulously engineered for better sound. The core of this personal speaker is legendary Bose waveguide technology and the resulting performance of the SoundWear Companion Speaker will astound you.

Call Connections Plus to get this great wearable technology for yourself AND get another one for your loved one on the 10th Day of Christmas.

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