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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #12

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - Omnicharge Omni 20 Power Charger with AC/DC Outlet

The 12th AV Gift of Christmas that is sure to be a hit with the frequent traveler on your list is the Omnicharge Omni 20.

It’s a battery pack that can recharge multiple devices at once and packs a lot into its small 5 x 5 x 1 inch size weighing in at just over 1 pound. The Omni 20 is perfect for travel and can recharge a smartphone up to nine times, recharge a tablet as much as eight times, or fully charge a laptop. There’s even a standard three-prong power port and plenty of laptop adapters in the box.

The lucky guy or gal on your list to receive the Omni 20 will love its small OLED display that shows how much juice is left and appreciate that it recharges quicker than most power packs this size.

It’s definitely worth the heft when you’re sitting at the crowded airport gate during a long, unexpected flight delay. In fact, the scenarios of needing a charge when you’re without a power outlet for a few hours are endless and infuriating!

Omnicharge Omni 20 is the only power charger with an AC/DC outlet. Howie says this could be the only charging bank your friend or family member will ever need.

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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #11

ConnectionsPlus Custom Audio Video - Mini Stereo System

Howie Foreman’s 110th AV Gift of Christmas is the ONKYO Colibrino CD Hi-Fi Mini System with Bluetooth.

The Onkyo CS-265 takes the traditional mini stereo system and brings it up to date by adding both Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The Colibrino CD HiFi Mini System brings big, brilliant sound to small spaces. The word Onkyo translates as “sound harmony.”

This powerful Mini Stereo System offers a quality front-loading CD player that handles regular audio CD and both MP3- and WAV-encoded discs, while iOS mobile users are treated to an ultra-clear USB connection.

Wirelessly Stream from Mobile and PC. Clean and Clear USB Connection for iPod®/iPhone®/iPad®. Super Bass Function. Quiet and Smooth Front-Loading CD Player. FM/AM Tuner with 30-Station Presets.

Call Connections Plus to get a whole lot of great Stereo Hi-Fi in a small package for an even smaller price!

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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #10

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - SoundWear Companion Speaker by Bose

Howie Foreman’s 10th AV Gift of Christmas is the SoundWear Companion Speaker by Bose.

This wearable speaker offers convenience and connection in a way that allows you to be totally into your music as well as completely aware of your surroundings. It rests comfortably on your shoulders and delivers sound that is full and clear to you, without bothering anyone around you.

Though sleek and low profile, this wearable wasn’t designed with fashion in mind. Every part of this speaker is meticulously engineered for better sound. The core of this personal speaker is legendary Bose waveguide technology and the resulting performance of the SoundWear Companion Speaker will astound you.

Call Connections Plus to get this great wearable technology for yourself AND get another one for your loved one on the 10th Day of Christmas.

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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #9

Connections Plus Texas - Howie Foreman - Conkline 7 string bass guitar

Howie Foreman’s 9th AV Gift of Christmas is the Conklin Electric 7 String Bass guitar.

Although not a guitar dealer himself, Howie says, “If there’s no great music, what’s the point of great stereo?”

Of the twenty plus guitars that Howie Foreman plays, his very favorite is the Conklin Electric 7 String Bass guitar. He likes his, so we’re pretty sure the bass player in your life will enjoy getting one on the Ninth Day of Christmas.

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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #8

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - SunBriteTV Outdoor Television

Howie Foreman’s 8th AV Gift of Christmas is a SunBrite All Weather, Outdoor TV.

January 1st is the time we look into the future and plan for the New Year. What better time to buy the one you love a great new television that will make their 2018 Spring, Summer and Fall backyard entertaining much more fun?

All SunBriteTV televisions share the features that make them the right choice for outside use like brightness many times brighter than indoor televisions and all are water proof with weatherproof cable connections and valid warranty for outdoor use.

The model you select depends on where you plan to your outdoor television. There’s the Veranda Series that are made for use in full shade like covered patios, porches and sun rooms. Then there’s the Signature Series, designed for partial sun or areas with high ambient light like pergolas or partially covered deck. Finally, there’s the Pro Series. These SunBriteTV models thrive in full sun and active areas such as poolside and full-sun, outdoor seating areas. They also have anti-glare, heat-resistant screens with a protective tempered glass shield.

Call Howie Foreman at Connections Plus Custom Audio Video will be happy to discuss your outdoor television plans with you to help you choose the best outdoor TV for the best price possible.

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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #7

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - JVC Camcorder Quad Proof Video Camera

Howie Foreman’s 7th AV Gift of Christmas is JVC’s Quad Proof Everio Full HD Camcorder GZ-R10R.

Not only does the GZ-R10R by JVC take stunning HD video, it’s designed to thrive in adverse conditions. The term “Quad Proof” means that it’s water proof, dust proof, shock proof & freeze proof. The Quad Proof Everio Full HD Camcorders laugh in the face of rain, snow, swimming pools, off-road events and 14 degree blizzard assignments. The letter R denotes the beautiful jewel-tone red color of the camera that is also available in blue and black.

Legendary JVC video quality with a high performance HD zoom lens, high bit-rate AVCHD recording, zoom microphone and advanced image stabilizer would be impossible for a typical smart phone or tablet.

On the 7th day of Christmas, also known as New Year’s Eve, you can get some great shots of Seven Swans a Swimming without worrying at all about the splashing or the weather!

Call Howie Foreman at Connections Plus Custom Audio Video for information on all the great JVC products.

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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #6

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Howie Foreman’s 6th AV Gift of Christmas is the BOSE SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II.

The SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II is designed for life on the go. The wrap-around silicon body gives it the compact durability you need to toss it in a bag or backpack and take it anywhere. It’s light weight and rounded with a soft-touch surface, so it’s still easy to carry in your hand. SoundLink Color II is water resistant and tough, with a design that keeps your music portable.

Control multiple functions with the press of a button, like answering calls on speakerphone, skipping tracks and switching between connected devices. Wherever you go, you can confidently take SoundLink Color II along, without missing a beat of your music. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to 8 hours of playtime.

The only question left to answer about the SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II is what color to buy for each of the folks on your Christmas list!

Call Howie Foreman at Connections Plus Custom Audio Video to join the Bose SoundLink family.

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The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #4

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - Howie Foreman's 12 AV Gifts of Christmas 2017

Howie Foreman’s 12 AV Gifts of Christmas wouldn’t be complete without some great music, so for the 4th Day of Christmas how about giving 4 great CDs.

There were lots of good Christmas albums released in 2017. Here is a selection of four great new Christmas albums Howie thinks everyone would enjoy.

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - You Make It Feel Like Christmas - Gwen Stefani-2017 Christmas Album

Gwen Stephani first performed her new Christmas song, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, on The Voice as a duet with fiancee, Blake Shelton. The release of her album and NBC Christmas special under the same name soon followed.

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - 12 AV Gifts of Christmas - 4 CDs -American Christmas by Alabama

Alabama’s new American Christmas album is the first Christmas album the group has released since 1996. Filled with great Christmas classics, the album is a gift to their loyal fans who have supported them all these years.

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - 12 AV Gifts of Christmas - Warmer in the Winter by violinist Lindsey Stirling

Coming off her stint on Dancing with the Stars, violinist, Lindsey Stirling released her first Christmas album, Warmer in the Winter and then set off on her holiday tour. Pledgemusic says, “Prepare yourself for a potpourri of different styles, sounds from all different sides of Christmas music. All of which is sprinkled with a good dose of Lindsey pixie dust.”

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - Howie Foreman's 12 AV Gifts of Christmas - The Piano Boys' Christmas Together album

With over a billion YouTube views for their 50 plus music videos in their back pocket, The Piano Guys released their new holiday album, Christmas Together. Christmas Together features collaborations with major music greats and is the seventh studio album by The Piano Guys.

Christmas isn’t over quite yet, so keep the celebration going with great Christmas music all the way through January 5th, the Twelfth Day of Christmas!Connections Plus - Custom Audio Video -Audio Video flourish

The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #3

Connections Plus Custom Audio Video - Rockwall, TX - Bose Accoustimass Stereo Speaker System

Howie Foreman’s 3rd AV Gift of Christmas is a tried and true Bose stereo system called the Acoustimass® 5 Series V stereo speaker system20.

The 3rd AV Gift of Christmas is a Bose stereo system called the Acoustimass® 5 Series V stereo speaker system.

Clear, lifelike stereo sound without cluttering your living space. The Bose® Acoustimass® 5 Series V speaker system includes two small Direct/Reflecting® Series II satellite speakers, plus a hideaway Acoustimass module for a stealthy system that delivers big sound. Inside each sleek, low-profile satellite are two precisely angled drivers that provide the perfect mix of direct and reflected sound for a spacious music-listening experience.

The compact Acoustimass module can be placed out of sight, anywhere in your room so you can enjoy deep bass that seems to emanate from the tiny satellites. Could the thousands of loyal Bose customers who swear by Acoustimass be wrong? No way. Think Acoustimass for Christimas!Connections Plus - Custom Audio Video -Audio Video flourish

The Twelve Audio Video Gifts of Christmas – gift #2

ConnectionsPlus Custom Audio Video - Bose SoundSport Free Wireless In-Ear Headphone Ear Buds

Howie Foreman’s 2nd AV Gift of Christmas is a pair of BOSE SoundSport Free wireless, in-ear headphone ear buds designed for people with an active lifestyle.

When you open your gift of BOSE SoundSport Free Wireless Ear Buds, get ready for clear, powerful sound from the first truly wireless, in-ear headphones that BOSE has ever made. They’re engineered to stay in place and stay comfortable during even the most active lifestyle.

The technology inside these earbuds is focused on every detail from tuning the circuits for improved sound to tweaking the antenna position for maximum Bluetooth® signal strength. The result of this fine design is in-ear headphones that play consistently and clearly whether your phone is in your hand, in your pocket, strapped to your arm or sitting on top of the treadmill, with never a wire in sight. The volume-optimized EQ and Bose digital signal processing make music sound full and balanced at any volume whatever you’re doing.

The SoundSport Free Wireless In-Ear headphones have an unmatched combination of comfort and stability because the specially engineered nozzle of their StayHear+ Sport tips that spread contact evenly around the inside of your ear, while the fin conforms naturally to the shape of the upper ridge of your ear. Consequently, the BOSE SoundSport Free Wireless Ear Buds are comfortable, but won’t fall out.

You don’t have to be a body builder, sprinter or extreme sport enthusiast to enjoy BOSE SoundSport Free Wireless Ear Buds. Anyone who works up a sweat will appreciate the water-repellent mesh in the open ports to keep what’s inside dry come rain or sweat.

By the way, these ear buds come with a case that is much more than just a case. When you’re finished working on site or working out, place your BOSE SoundSport Free Wireless Ear Buds back in their case. It will not only protect them, but it can provide two additional full charges for up to 10 hours of battery life. Plus, a quick 15-minute charge will give you 45 minutes of battery.

For the specifications, pricing and details, call Connections Plus Custom Audio Video.

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Bringing Your Old Stereo System Back to the Future


Connections Plus Texas - Sonos Connect

Love your old stereo, but yearn for new streaming technology? There’s nothing to feel guilty about and really no need to throw the old darling away just to tap into streaming content.

Twenty plus years of audio video experience enables Howie Foreman and his custom installers at Connections Plus to integrate the newest technology with your favorite existing components. One little trick of his is to use Sonos CONNECT to turn your favorite amplified audio equipment into a streaming machine. That means you get to keep the stereo you love AND play even more music with it.

CONNECT streams the music you love with no loss of fidelity at full CD-quality bandwidth. Then, you can simply adjust the sound to get the bass, treble, balance and volume set just the way you like it. Howie can even set it up so that you can control the volume using the Sonos smart phone app.

Whether you simply want to connect your current sound system to stream music or yearn to integrate your music, lighting, security and HVAC systems, Connections Plus Custom Audio Video can pull it all together for you.

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Connections Plus Company Philosophy


Connections Plus Texas - Company philosophy

Our goal has never been simply to sell the latest gadget. The mission at Connections Plus was birthed from the desire to make our customers really happy by exceeding their expectations of our technicians and of their audio-video experience.

It’s all about the perfect convergence of sight and sound, so we pride ourselves in being good listeners and seeing the big picture. We listen to our clients, hear their needs and tap into their vision. Our job is to customize an entertainment system specifically for the people listening to each performance. Whether the installation is in their home or at their office, our goal is for the client to be blown away by their audio video system and by our dedication to the quality of their experience.

Finally, we believe that your entertainment system is just as important as that of Carnegie Hall. We also believe that our clients deserve the best service humanly possible for the very best price available.

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Sony Bravia® OLED TVs – A Treat for the Eyes‎

Connections Plus Texas - Sony Bravia OLED

A treat for the eyes is how Sony describe its Bravia OLED TV. Others use even more superlatives such as “This could be the best OLED TV money can buy” By Jon L. Jacobi, Freelance contributor, TechHive. Another says “the Sony XBR-A1E outperforms every other TV we’ve tested. It delivers perfect black levels, wide viewing angles, accurate color and a great bright-room picture. Its unique standless design is almost all picture when seen from the front.” and the praise goes on.

What are they talking about?

Well first of all it’s OLED, organic light-emitting diode. Everyone who sees OLED TVs will tell you that they produce the best picture quality you there is. It’s all because the black on this screen is absolutely black because there is no back light at all. Consequently, all the colors seem so much brighter compared to other TV screens where the black is not really black, but some kind of really dark gray. Couple that with Sony’s electronics wizardry and they have produced a marvel. OLED TV’s once got a bad rap for being challenged when rendering fine details, but not so with the A1E.

Connections Plus Texas - Sony Bravia OLED

The Sony XBR-A1E is a very thin TV and Sony have pulled out all the stops to come up with a pretty unique way of supporting the screen in its viewing position. This TV has a hidden kickstand that houses all the electronics and connection ports, power supply, sub-woofer etc. This is definitely not the usual little legs or kickstand shipped with other TV’s. In fact, I’ve heard it described as a big-ass kickstand! A locking hinge joins the kickstand to the panel and a weight inside its base keeps the television from falling over. It’s radical, beautiful and practical.

State of the Art

The A1E features four HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 ports, one USB port on the side and two in back USB ports, an Ethernet port, an ATSC tuner, and integrated 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 adapters. It’s state-of-the-art all the way!

Smart TV

Sony runs Google’s smart TV system which is their secret weapon as it beats everyone else in the most important area; app coverage.

Now to Blow your Mind

As if all this wasn’t cutting-edge enough, Sony added little transducers onto the back of the panel and turned the screen itself into the speakers! This is a freaking first for any television anywhere. Sony calls this technology Accoustic Surface and coupled with the sub-woofer in the stand, the sound quality even blows Howie Foreman’s mind and he’s been THE speaker guru for decades! He swears you can’t see the sound vibrations at all. This is so cool!

The manufacture says to “make sure you have a friend there when you unpack the XBR-A1E.” Why don’t you just call Howie at Connections Plus AV before you even buy the Sony XBR-A1E. He’ll make sure you get the best deal possible on the TV AND he’ll bring his own tech friend to help unpack it 😉

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Connections Plus Texas – Custom Audio Video

Connections Plus Texas - Custom Audio Video

Connections Plus was founded in 1992 by Stanford University graduate, Howie Foreman. After earning a degree in music education, Foreman began his career selling musical equipment. He actually moved into the technical world of audio and video equipment from the prospective of how it affected the music.

While watching the drastic evolution of the A/V industry over the years, Howie Foreman noted that the emphasis was always placed on cutting edge sound and video components instead of connectivity. Howie was able to exploit that void in the industry and turn it into a thriving installation business. That’s exactly how Connections Plus came to be.

Family-owned & Operated

In 1996, Howie brought his son into the business. Aaron Foreman literally grew up in the A/V industry, so when he left Southern Methodist University, joining Connections Plus seemed an obvious career path. The move turned out to be a perfect fit and today, Aaron is indispensable to the success of Connections Plus.

In 2006, Howie Foreman’s son-in-law, Clyde Neal came on board and is now an integral part of Connections Plus. Together, our team has come to be known for providing our customers with personal attention unparalleled in the industry.

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